Elite Power Bands Set

Elite Power Bands Set

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Elite Power Bands is the most universal exercise tool anyone can own.

This is because the word resistance, as applied to the Elite Power Band, means so many different things. They add all kinds of specific benefits to your training.

The Power Band is a first-rate stretching tool. By fixing it at one end and using it to stretch a given limb, like lying on your back, looping it around the sole of your foot and pulling with your hands to stretch the hamstring, the band will increase the intensity of the stretch with a pressure that is easily regulated.

It can be used like a spotter. For example, if you attach two Power Bands of equal tension to the top of the squat rack, the bands will assist you out of the bottom position so you don't end up stuck.

The Power Band is simple to use, simple to care for and can be used anywhere you want to train.

Workout Anywhere

Build strength, balance, and flexibility

Made with 100% Natural Latex

3 different resistance from Light (Yellow)- Medium (Blue)- Heavy (Grey)

Free Travel Bag